Stick A Fork In Him

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We interrupt my regularly-scheduled “nice guy” blogging to bring you this special report.

Most of you know that I am a pretty happy guy. Upbeat. Optimistic. I don’t like negativity. So when I wrote this entry about Larry Kralj, it wasn’t particularly enjoyable. I wasn’t attacking his character or any good deeds that he does – I was merely citing him as an example of rudeness, incivility, and nastiness in the online world. Read that post carefully – was I mean-spirited or uncivil? I don’t think so. And when I “outed” him as RNH, it wasn’t out of malice – I was merely drawing a straight line between two points that looked identical. And I wasn’t the first to notice the similarity, by the way. Other people had stated that RNH and Larry were one and the same before I ever did.

But this is what greeted me this morning over at GeeGuy’s place in the comments:

Davey boy is retired AF. He is NOT dependent on a job. He’s sucked on the govt. titty for twenty years, and now he’s suckin’ on the govt. retirement titty. And THAT’S why davey, AF retired titty sucker, feels free to do what he does! He can’t argue, so he attacks the source!

Wow. Larry, does it feel good to think of all military personnel as “titty suckers?” Is that what you really think of all Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines? Got a beef with me, but you insult the entire US military?

By calling me “Larry Kralj, eco nut”, and sending it all OVER the web, he has shown himself to be a tiny little man. And that’s sad. Why did he do it? I dunno? I never attacked him personally. Apparently because I fight for the things I believe in, and things which MOST people in GF agree with, davey feels comfortable attacking me.

I don’t think that what I did was an “attack” – I did not demean Larry’s political stance, or otherwise call him names. I referred to his incivility and rudeness – hardly “attacks.” And as noted above, I am certainly not the first person to critique his writing style and choice of words. And my use of the term “eco-nut” was a play on Larry’s own “signature line” in his many comments, wherein he refers to himself as an “Eco-Ranger” (whatever that is). And sending something “all OVER the web” is pretty much what blogging and posting on news forums is all about, Larry. You know – like what you did when you called military personnel “titty-suckers.”

And I get DAMN TIRED of anonymouse pukes sending e-mails, letters, etc. to my prinicipal, the shool board, and even the diocese! ( all anonymouse of course!)

I have never sent any letter, e-mails, or any other missives to Larry’s principal, school board, or diocese. It doesn’t surprise me that others have, though.

Bottom line: Larry, I’m done with you. You are no longer welcome to comment on my blog (or Billings Blog, or Dave Budge’s place – see a pattern?). If you want to insult, demean, and belittle people, keep it at the Tribune forums. Until they decide to ban you again, that is. My advice: start your own blog, and quit polluting the rest of the blogosphere.



  1. I have to say I sometimes had to agree with Larry on different points and at different times.

    Having said that I agree heartily with you David! I also want to say that I support you in your decision to ban Larry. I hope you stick with it and others in the Blog community do the same. Larry you went over board on this one and you should crawl back in the hole you came out of!

  2. Im sorry that this person got under your skin. I think you have to be the single happiest, most positive person I know.
    I also am very offended by his statements about the military.
    *big hugs*

  3. David: You are one of the nicest people I have ever met, so how anyone can think any differently boggles my mind.
    Not being very political anymore, I don’t read nor get involved in much that is political so I have never read nor been exposed to many of the rude remarks that I have heard about. HOWEVER, referring to your long distinguished military career & recent retirement status as not working & “sucking on the govt titty” is absolutely un-American in my mind and not true!!
    I am sorry that you have been a target of this kind of venom & hope you know you have many supporters out here.

  4. David: You are so nice, so fair and such a positive person in this community. We are a community who needs people like you. I have not followed everything that has been talked about concerning this guy, but based only on what has been quoted here, good job! Your blog does not need this. I look forward each day to hearing something positive that you have chosen to write about. I am sure this was not an easy decision to make, but I support you 150%

  5. David: A while back did you write in your blog that you met Larry outside some local business and suggested he start his own blog? I sure seem to remember something like that.


  6. You’re right, Bill — I met Larry in person over a year ago, and we chatted (politely) for a few moments…I suggested that he start his own blog, and he said that he simply didn’t have enough time. Which is rather odd, since he sure does seem to spend an awful lot of time posting on the Trib forums.

  7. Every morning when I sit down at my computer to read what has been written in the blog world, you are my first stop. Why – because you are positive, noncombative, pleasant . . . just a nice way to start out the day.

    Next stop is Electric City. . . . Why – because it is informative and sometimes entertaining. Next comes the other fine sites.. . .Why – just because.

    My last stop – the Tribune forum.. . Why – some of the reading is wonderful and enlightening and I enjoy some of the posters. Then again, some posters I don’t enjoy and that’s the reason the Trib is last.

    Think no more about RNH or Larry. This too shall pass. I was happy to see your new post about Monty’s. You are moving on! Merry Christmas

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