Will The Real Redneck Hippie Please Stand Up?

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Most of you know about Redneck Hippie (aka RNH), the guy who posts over at the Tribune Forums with all kinds of attacks, insults, and rants. Well, he DID post over at the Forums until he was banned for 30 days. I have long suspected that RNH is the nom de post of Larry Kralj, a local teacher, and I said so in a post a few weeks ago. I based that assumption on (a) the political and civic beliefs of RNH and Larry, and (b) the very unique writing style of RNH and Larry (referring to the Mayor as “Primadonna,” the newspaper as “the Fibune,” the City Manager as “Jonny Lotten,” indiscriminate use of capitalization, the use of “for you see…” and so on). Apparently, I am not the only person who believes that RHN and Larry are the same person .

But…I might be wrong. Larry “called me out” over at GeeGuy’s place yesterday:

Oh, and davey, I SERIOUSLY doubt that YOU’RE the one to lecture on anynomity! You see, you’ve got some REAL problems in that reegard yourself! Have you outed anyone incorrectly today BTW???? Just wondering.

But when I asked him what he was referring to, and GeeGuy tried to get a straight answer out of him about whether he is indeed RNH, he quickly retreated to cutesy word games:

I did NOT say that I was not RNH. I said simply that I cannot “claim that title”. Now, interpret how you will.

Hey, I’ve got no problem if Larry and RNH are not the same person – if they are not, then I owe BOTH of them an apology (and readers, too). But I still think that they are the same person, and that Larry uses the RNH pseudonym at the Tribune in order to avoid possible repercussions from his employer over his bad manners and insults.

So I put it to you, readers: do you think that RNH and Larry are the same person? And if so – is it incumbent upon him to admit it?



  1. He has a point. Almost everyone uses EGREGIOUS CAPS and make up STUPID NAMES for people he doesn’t like. There’s just tons of them out there.

    He’s right, it could be anybody.

  2. No, it’s not a personal vendetta. When I “outed” RNH as Larry, I didn’t think it was a big deal – I figured that most people who read both of their Forum and blog posts knew that they were the same.

    But Larry elevated this issue over at GeeGuy’s, by calling me out. Now I’m just trying to figure out if (a) I am wrong, and (b) why he feels the need to play name-games.

    And speaking of operating under assumed names – Santa, you’ve got some real identity problems yourself. You go by many names – Kris Kringle, Saint Nick, Santa Claus – maybe YOU’RE trying to hide something, too!

    Heh. Happy Christmas, Santa!

  3. It’s hard not to dislike RNH or Kralj (depending on where he posts). If disliking rude narcissistic behavior is a personal vendetta, sign me up. Too many people are willing to accept his behavior simply because he agrees with their position on some issue or the mistaken belief that freedom of speech protects citizens from citizens.

  4. Both Larry and RNH have supplied similar backgrounds. They utilize a very similar writing style. They primarily comment on similar issues. RNH comments on the Trib Forum, and Larry sticks to the blogs, primarily. There certainly seems to be reason to believe they are the same person.

    If we look at what Larry said on GeeGuys site: “Sure, I share some similiarities with RNH, but unfortunately, I cannot claim that title. Actually, my own theory is that it is Bandit in disguise!…….and I’m stickin’ to it!”

    Larry appears to be denying using the name RNH, and posing a theory of who that individual might be. (a theory I totally disagree with. Bandit appears quite comfortable with his own style.)

    I, and others, took that, coupled with the original complaint made by Larry “Have you outed anyone incorrectly today BTW???? ” to mean that Larry had an issue with being thought of as RNH, and that Dave was incorrect in claiming they were the same person. However, as noted above, Larry went on to state that that is not what he was saying.

    So in answer to your fist question Dave, I don’t know. I feel that there is enough evidence to justify your(and my) statements.

    On the second question, If Larry is not RNH, and it bothers him for people to assume he is, he can just say it.

    If he is RNH, he needs to accept that, due mostly to his own actions, an anonymous screen name did not work out for him. Screen names and the relative anonymity they provide allow many people to speak more freely. However, there is certainly no guarantee you will remain unknown, and if someone figures it out, you have to suck it up and deal with it. Being anonymous does not mean you are not responsible for what you write.

    Larry appears to be chastising you for making an error, while refusing to offer any evidence that you, well, made an error.

  5. It’s these types of idiotic game playing that detract greatly from the blogging world.

    I work around and in the internet world to a very great degree, and am around those who make 100% of their living with it, and as a result, I can see the parallels. The internet is more like the real world than most would ever care to imagine.

    Certain behaviors aren’t tolerated for even a minute in the real world, while on the net, these behaviors run rampant. These behaviors are one of the main reasons why the blogging world isn’t looked upon with the same credibility that other types of real world media enjoy.

    If you have a blog, and a focus for that blog, then the last thing you need are those who would attempt to chip away at it.
    Sure, go ahead and have your “name” real or otherwise, it doesn’t make a difference. The name isn’t important at all. But the intent, or the agenda, if there could be one, is.

    Disruptive behavior “disrupts”.. Disruptive behavior only serves to detract from the credibility of anything it touches. In this case it’s the blogs.

    I absolutely “do not” read or post over at the Tribune. I only go there “to see”… in the event that someone with much more credibility (than the Tribune), like David, or GeeGuy suggests, through their blog, that I go.

    You can have a good discourse and still use every dirty word in the book as far as I’m concerned. I don’t care about that at all. (I read Wulfgar all the time)
    It’s the disruptive behavior, the rudeness, the game playing, or the flaming that goes on that I don’t care for. I usually won’t frequent places that allow those sorts of things, like the Tribune, for instance, to occur.

  6. Personally I find RNH very entertaining and I go to the Tribune specifically to read what he has written. Some days its the only interesting thing on the whole website. I would agree with Dave in that if you dont like his (RNH)”style” you certainly dont have to read it. I would hate to see comments censored just because some people dont like what he has to say or how he says it.

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