Wait For It…

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Thought it would be fun to try Boston’s The Gourmet Pizza this evening…but after I found a place to park and walked in, I saw that it was packed and realized it might take a while to get seated. So I asked the hostess for a ballpark estimate on the wait time, and she winced and said it could be up to two hours. Two hours.


Whoa. So it was off to Ryan’s Station for dinner. We’ll try again once things settle down a bit, or maybe during a “slow” time of day. If there is one, yet. So…any of you folks had a chance to try Boston’s yet? How was it?



  1. OMG! Dave, I wish I had seen you! I think I might recognize you from the photos you post.

    Yeah, about that LONG wait…it’s frigging crazy in there — has been all week! Service and timing are improving daily as everyone gets into their groove, but it wouldn’t be my first choice if I was in a hurry. Great food though and the owners/management is top notch!

  2. My wife and I just got back from trying it. We will definitely be going back.

    There were some issues but any new restaurant will have some kinks to work out when they first open.

    I have a more detailed review on my blog.

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