Winners + New Blog + Monty’s

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Yep – we have winners! The winner of the new iPod Shuffle is Lindey Sellers, and the winner of the “Movie Stars and Rattlesnakes” book is ReAnn Rothwell! Thanks to everyone who entered!

Lindey’s reason for loving Great Falls is that we get to experience all four seasons – to which I will add, sometimes in the same day! And ReAnn’s reasons for loving Great Falls can be seen on her very own blog – that’s right, ReAnn is the newest member of the Great Falls blogosphere! It’s a combination business/personal blog, and she’s already got some good tips on getting your financial documents in order. Head on over there and welcome her – leave a comment and tell her that Dave sent ya!

In other news: we ate at Monty’s (A Taste Of The West) last week…and it was…um…interesting. I’ll get a full review up later this weekend.



  1. YAHOOO!!!!!! I won something, I won something!! *happy dances, Happy Dances* LOLOLOLOLOL….. (I can see Zen shading her head at me now!)
    Do we get to read the winning entry?

  2. About Monty’s: I heard the rumor last nite that John Toenyes, who owned Elmer’s, owns Monty’s – it is still a lot like Elmer’s was, just a new name. This was so he did not have to upgrade the building/decor/kitchen/etc to continue to meet the Elmer’s franchise continuing requirements. Since he could not sell the building he decided to take it off of the market & change it to a Monty’s.
    Any other input as we anxiously await Dave’s review?

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