Snow Falling!

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No serious chance of snow in our immediate forecast…so if the snow won’t come to Great Falls, then I’ll bring snow to! OK, so it’s not REAL snow, but it sure is pretty, isn’t it? Just a handy little WordPress plugin. I might leave it up until Christmas, if it doesn’t prove to be too intrusive. You like?



  1. This kind of snow doesn’t bother me at all. Nice touch.

    Question – When I clicked on “comments,” I noticed the print was very small. Hate to admit it, but my eyes don’t work like a 20 year old. I had to use a handheld magnifying tool to read it. I hate to admit that too. I’m not asking you to change anything, but I’m curious if my computer acting funny or was the print made smaller on your end?

  2. I like the snow, but like the real stuff I think it will get annoying if we get it everyday for the next two weeks until Christmas. How bout randomly having it up for a day or two then down. That way it’s less intrusive and the surprise of snow may bring a smile or two as opposed to just getting what you expect.
    Either way, make sure we have a white Christmas, David!

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