Basketball, Hockey, & Jazz in Great Falls

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There are plenty of events going on in Great Falls this month, and a few of them really got my attention. These are not quite holiday-themed, but I suspect that they all will deliver more “good cheer” than a stuffy office party!

First, our own Great Falls Explorers basketball team begin a nine-game home series, and December is a perfect time to stay warm and cheer loudly for our home team. Call 216-3033 for more information and to buy tickets.

Second, if you’ve ever seen the movie “Slap Shot” you know that the Hanson Brothers were the highlight of the show. Their “unconventional” hockey skills transformed the movie from a hum-drum sports flick into a rowdy, hilarious time. And now you get the chance to meet the Hanson Brothers! It’s a fundraiser for the Great Falls Community Ice Foundation, and for only $10 you get to watch the movie with the trio, get their autographs, and participate in a silent auction. The action is on Saturday night – call 455-8514 for more information.

Third, an amazing vocal/jazz concert featuring the Jeni Fleming Trio will be held on Tuesday, December 18th. This is good stuff – listen for yourself. Call 455-8514 for tickets, or purchase them online.

So – if you’re tired of people complaining that there isn’t anything to do in Great Falls, e-mail this entry to them: we’ve got semi-pro sports, nationally-recognized jazz artists, and sports/movie legends – all in the same month!


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