Great Falls in National Media

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Our fair community has been featured in three national media spots in the last several weeks. First, a look at the Montana “meth project” on “Nightline” back in October. Then the crime-drama “Criminal Minds” set an episode here in Great Falls, and received pretty negative reviews in terms of accuracy and portrayal of our town. And over the weekend an MTV documentary profiled Great Falls resident Jennifer Fontenot in a program about living in federal housing projects.

Now, remember that the news pieces were focused on positive things, overall: the success of the meth ads in reducing the use of meth; and the hard-working Fontenot who is going to school and raising two children in a housing project that is not at all like those of large urban areas.

But to an outsider – someone who has never been to Great Falls, or even Montana – I wonder about the cumulative effect of these three programs. Meth, murder and militia, housing projects…do you think that this trio of programs has helped or hurt the image of Great Falls as a place to live, work, and raise a family?


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  1. First of all I really enjoy reading your blog… and No, at least in my opinion they do not have a negative impact on the Great Falls community. I would absolutely love to move to this area and live. I enjoy the snowfall tons which we do not get here in Florida at all instead we get hurricanes, but hopefully soon I can call Montana home especially the Great Falls area.

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