Holiday Cheer

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First, happy post-Thanksgiving to everyone – hope you had a great holiday and enjoyed the day. But now that “Turkey Day” is over, it’s time to get serious about Christmas: the seasonal music has begun playing on local radio stations, many stores will be open early on Friday, and the Christmas rush has kicked off on many TV stations.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has compiled a monster list of all the TV Christmas specials and movies, including classics such as “It’s A Wonderful Life” and “A Charlie Brown Christmas” as well as newer fare such as “Elf” and “Mary Christmas.”

Local shops opening early include Old Navy (5 am), Target (6 am), and JC Penney (4 am!).

So I have two questions: what holiday movies or TV shows are you MOST looking forward to, and how many of you plan to take advantage of the Friday-morning sales?



  1. As late (or early) as it is right now, I could be out there. But I’m not sure if anyone has seen any of the ads but it really doesn’t seem worth the wake up and drive and deal with psychotic “omgihaven’thadcoffeeyetcrowds”. The news is saying that this year Black Friday is going to look a little blue as people are hording their money for gas…As for xmas shows..I love rudolph lol!
    No matter what in a couple days our Family will be off to pick out our Yule and Christmas decorations…I can’t wait!

  2. AM & I am just leaving the house to finish my Christmas shopping by hitting a few sales. Yes, I said FINISH. I am organized & have the most of it done. Will start putting decorations up & wrapping this afternoon. Then can settle back & enjoy. (Plus I have a few little odds & ends gifts for those unexpected gift giving occasions that come up that I might need a gift for. )
    Have fun y’all!!!


    Bill Murray is at his comedic best in SCROOGED, in my opinion. I still quote lines from the movie!

    “Nobody gets me.”


    As far as Christmas is concerned, I refuse to be dragged kicking and screaming into the commercial aspect of the holiday. A few days before Christmas (like the 20th or 21st), we’ll decorate, and celebrate the season thru Epiphany.

    Unless, of course, it’s “The Day The Reindeer Died”!

  4. My favorite Christmas movie as a kid is my favorite now: “Emmit Otter’s Jugband Christmas.” It’s a muppet classic. Yes, you can see the strings and things don’t look as polished as they do now, but you can’t but sing along with “There’s a hole in the washtub” lol.

  5. Dave, I don’t think Old Navy, Target and JC Penny qualify as ‘local shops’. And on the topic of Christmas movies, I like Die Hard and Bad Santa.

  6. Every year, whether it be the entire family or just a few of us, we sit down to watch “A Christmas Story.” Ralphie wanted a Redrider BB gun, lever-action carbine with a compass in the stock . . . “You’ll shoot your eye out!” No matter how old we are, the movie still tickles us and we get a kick out of it. And to think the producers thought the movie was not quality material and never would be watched. We love it.

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