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Greetings to folks who are visiting courtesy of the Great Falls Tribune “Fusion” article about MP3 players! Stacy Byrne did a neat job reporting on the popularity of the tiny players, and my love of all things iPod. It’s true: I succumbed to the Apple mystique a couple of years ago, and my appreciation for the iPod (in several forms: Shuffle, Nano, Touch) has only grown since then.


Last month, Janna won an iPod Shuffle here at in a great photo contest…and December is a great time to have another Shuffle giveaway…if you have any ideas for a contest, let me know.


If you are going to buy an iPod (for yourself or as a gift), and you enjoy, please consider shopping via the Amazon links below; it will likely save you a few dollars, and will help to support Thanks!



  1. BTW, thanks Dave for the shuffle it’s convenient and I can quickly dump my hubbies music off and fill it to the rim with some nice relaxing sarah mclachlan or enya Whoot! it’s great!

    I like the snow sculpture idea. of course with submitted photos of them…that’s a great idea! That is if the snow sticks around long enough!

  2. I recently had a chance to try the new Apple iPod touch and I was impressed. These are neat devices utilizing some fancy new technology.

    Glad to hear you like yours David! Find any new, unique hotspots with it?

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