Hello Snow!

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OK, maybe I’m being a bit too optimistic, but it sure looks like we’re about to get our first real snow of the season!


Good timing: our first major snowfalls in 2005 and 2006 both occurred in late November, too.

UPDATE, 3:37 pm: Hail is now falling…very tiny, sorta cute!

UPDATE, 7:15 pm: The snow is falling! Not a lot, but we’ve got SNOW in Great Falls! And the forecast is now calling for 70% chance of it to continue tonight and into tomorrow, with a “Snow Advisory” posted!



  1. I guess it is about time, isn’t it? I’m just shocked that it’s this late in the year and still no snow here.

    I wonder if it is going to be a dry season overall or if we’ll eventually get dumped on.

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