Griz vs Cats

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I learned pretty quickly upon arriving in Montana in 2002 that there are few rivalries as intense – or good-natured – as that of the Cats/Griz (aka the “Brawl of the Wild“). And with today’s big game, I began to wonder: in Great Falls, which team has more support? Me, I’m a Cats fan, for several reasons:

1. Bozeman is cooler than Missoula.
2. The MSU website is cooler than UM’s.
3. We have an MSU campus here in Great Falls.
4. Bobcats are cuter than grizzly bears.
5. My girlfriend is an MSU alum.

Now, since I hate sports and don’t really care about the game itself, my vote probably doesn’t count for much. But I know that plenty of you will be cheering for your team today, which makes me wonder: which team has more fans here in Great Falls?

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UPDATE: Griz win with a score of 41-20. Better luck next year, Cats!



  1. In high school I was a Griz fan, when it was more about sports and what team my current boyfriend would be playing for. Now it’s about team spirit..I’m not a sports fan but My hubby attended MSU as did all of our circle both here and in Washington so GO CATS! Today was the first day in like 5 years we had the game playing on TV it was really odd all my kids sitting on the florr cheering for the cats!

  2. Dave, how can you be a Cat fan? Have you been to a game at each place?

    Reasons to be a Griz fan:

    1. Washington Grizzly Stadium
    2. Better message board (
    3. Lex
    4. No permutation of the name can be “kitty” or “pussy.”
    5. Monte vs. that weird cat thing
    6. Griz are actually a good football team.

  3. I would love to know the die hard Cats fan who owns the farm truck I saw a couple of weeks ago. On the back tailgate portion of the truck, so in an area at least 8 ft x 8 ft it had Calvin – of Calvin & Hobbs fame – painted in life size on the upper left corner peeing on the Griz’s big paw mascot painted on the lower right corner. I started laughing so hard I just about drove off of the highway!
    That is a REAL fan to have it actually painted that big on his/her truck.
    KUDDOS from an MSU alum!!!

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