Vanity Plates in Montana

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Ah ha! I’ve suspected for some time that Montana has a higher percentage (per capita) of personalized license plates than most states, and now comes confirmation. The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators just released the results of a nationwide survey that ranks Montana #5 in terms of vanity plate percentage. Ahead of us: Virginia, New Hampshire, Illinois, and Nevada; dead-last is Texas.

And for some reason, as you may recall, I really get a kick out of the customized plates here in Big Sky Country, which is why I created a “sub-blog” called Great Montana Plates.

Related: an entry about Platewire, where you can “report” bad drivers or wink at a cute driver.


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  1. Dave- There has been something funny about your site. It has been crashing my browser (IE) both at work and home. Started a few days ago.

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