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As if to prove some earlier points about incivility, here are a few examples of what Larry Kralj posted over at Electric City Weblog today:

– But when civil liberties are being trampled, when the Constitution is ignored, and when democracy itself is under attack, I say to HELL with civility.
– And yet we are denied our basic rights.
– Why should donna and donna (sic) alone decide what the future of Great Falls is to look like?
– …the city council, with donna as its head, has made a mockery of democracy.

See, this ties right in with the earlier discussion about incivility. In this case, the “incivility” is that Larry has conflated our local City Commission meetings with every political crime imaginable; that is, every perceived political crime that he imagines. I’m assuming that he believes that America, under President Bush, has abandoned democracy, and that the Constitution has been shredded, and we have no civil liberties at all. In his mind, Dona Stebbins is equal to George Bush is equal to Hitler. If I’m wrong, Larry, please tell me so.

To someone with Larry’s worldview, then, it’s not hard to understand that he believes Mayor Stebbins’ attempts to conduct an orderly City Commission meeting smacks of fascism and stormtroopers.

Well…actually, it IS hard to understand, because I just can’t imagine someone being so conspiratorial in their understanding (or lack thereof) of reality.

UPDATE, Sunday morning: By the way, “Redneck Hippie” (aka Larry Kralj) has worn out his welcome at a few other places in the Montana blogosphere, over at the Billings Blog and at Dave Budge’s place.



  1. I’m assuming that he believes that America, under President Bush, has abandoned democracy, and that the Constitution has been shredded, and we have no civil liberties at all.

    Well, in fairness, Larry is writing from a gulag, where he’s been thrown with thousands of other dissidents and journalists for speaking out against Bush. The remaining journalists, bloggers and commentariat, cowed by all the arrests, are offering primarily complimentary words to our President, who, as a result of all these kudos, is enjoying the highest approval ratings of his two terms.

    Wait, what?

  2. Since the concern is being Civil. Do you care to give your take on Ms. Stebbins telling the concerned citizen to “shut the F- up you creepy A- hole?” This was reported by Susan Overfield and is on her blog to this day.

  3. Thomas Jefferson, my take on it is: I don’t know if that occurred or not. I don’t *believe* that Ms Stebbins said that, but since I was not privy to the conversation, I can’t be certain. What was reported on the Overfield blog was a third-hand account of what was said, and I am not going to base my opinion of Dona Stebbins on a single 3rd-hand account of a conversation.

  4. Does it take any more from the story if it is a third hand account of someone calling the mayor of the town at home to complain that a cat shit itself and nobody knows when it happened? Do you think it was three in the morning and they were drunk when they called? I think I hear my cat rummaging through the litter box now. Should I call the mayor?

    I think this story highlights the problem. What reasonable person would call the mayor about a cat with feces on it? For Pete’s sake they lick themselves after their done. Some people are so myopic about their concerns that they can’t see the big picture and can rationalize any action. I don’t know what the mayor said but from what little there is of the story it sounds like a justifiable response to a crank call.

  5. While I often been annoyed by “Redneck Hippie”, Something in me understands what he is “trying” to say. Sadly his opinion
    is drowned in rantings and ravings and belittling of others that it truly makes it difficult to really comprehend, his attacks on other users becomes unsettling and annoying. While I once had an extremely high opinion of Donna I could go one way or another at this point. Back to the econut thing. I’m huge on the environment, I hated even the suggestion of a coal plant going into our town. There are many who share my opinion but in came Redneck throwing obscenities and name calling as if the people who are against this sort of thing really needed another reason for
    the other faction to disregard us…*sigh* I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Redneck…If you expect the world to take you seriously then you have to present yourself seriously, you make what you are fighting for look like a joke and who is going to help you fight for your beliefs when you make them look like a cheesy commercial for breath mints?

  6. WhatKindofNameisDona? on

    I disagree with him 99.999% of the time, but he is one of the few people in the GF/MT blogosphere who can write a grammatically correct sentence.

    So, passion + punctuation scores high in my book. Redneck Hippie aka Larry, are you single? ;p

  7. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! on

    Nope, not single, Kinda. Happily married. But if I were, I’d give you a call! Nothing sexier to me too than a passionate grammarian! (or libarian! It’s one of my secret fantasies! Just kidding!) But seriously, Dave, I can’t write here. Sorry bout that. But hey, blast away! I can take it. You see, what I have is a gift. Wherever I write, the readership increases dramatically. And I’d like to help you out by appearing here on the blog to refute all the charges made against me, but I simply don’t have the time. But hey, feel free to use my name as much as you like if it helps. THAT much I can do. Oh, and by the way, I did NOT call the mayor a “whore”. I called the ENTIRE CITY COUNCIL a whorehouse, which it is! For you see, they are prostituting themselves and our city for a buck! That’s about the clearest definition of prostitution that I KNOW of! Are they literally ladies of the evening? Well, I couldn’t say, and I don’t want to know. Their political activities are bad enough! See ya in the funny papers!

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