“As Cool As I Am”

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I’ve added a new feature to the sidebar on your left: some of my Amazon.com recommendations. What’s cool about these is that they are all Montana or Great Falls-themed. The first one, a book called “As Cool As I Am” by local Pete Fromm, is an interesting “coming of age” tale of a teenage girl named Lucy Diamond. She attends Great Falls High School, enjoys eating with her mother at Tracy’s Diner downtown, and tries to deal with the usual adolescent issues. Here’s what I wrote last year when I first read it:

It’s not normally a book that I would read, but the setting in Great Falls was just too tempting for me – I don’t recall ever reading a book set in the community that I live in. My opinion of the book: very good. As noted by many reviewers, the character of Lucy Diamond is pretty powerful: she is one feisty young lady, and her fire carries her through some tough times as she discovers things about her parents, her friends, and what growing up means. The setting in Great Falls, and being able to identify very specific details about our town, made it a very unique read. Not an ordinary book, and one I won’t forget.

Shameless plug and full disclosure: if you click on one of the Amazon.com links over there and purchase one of my recommendations, I’ll earn a few pennies on the transaction.


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