Election Results

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9:11 pm:…still waiting…if anyone has an “inside scoop” on how the ballots are running, drop me a comment or e-mail me (david AT greaterfalls.com)…more news as it becomes available…

9:24 pm: Tribune website says, “With the 4,874 votes cast at Montana ExpoPark counted, the vote counts for mayor and City Commission are:” but then the link leads to a page with nothing on it. Getting close to finding out…

9:31 pm: …we have a horse race for the Mayor’s spot! But these numbers apparently reflect only the ballots that were cast today – it does NOT include absentee ballots…stay tuned!

Mayoral race:
Dona Stebbins: 40.6%; 1,965 votes
Ed McKnight: 38.6%; 1,866 votes
Susan Kahn: 14.4%; 696 votes
Larry H. Steele: 6.2%; 299 votes

And the race for City Commission is interesting too — remember, the top two vote-getters will become City Commissioners. Right now, it looks like Bill Bronson and Mary Jolley are leading the pack, and at this rate, Diane Jovick-Kuntz will lose her seat.

City Commission:
Mary Jolley: 26.6%; 2458 votes
Bill Bronson: 23%; 2,120 votes
Stuart Lewin: 17.5%; 1,614 votes
Diane Jovick-Kuntz: 17.2%; 1,586 votes
Elna Hensley: 10.7%; 991

9:43 pm:And in terms of “first to report” status: the Trib came in first, followed by KFBB…but still nothing on the KRTV site…

10:05 pm: Rina Moore (aka Rina Fontana Moore) on KFBB news said that final election results should be reported between 11:00 – 11:30 pm this evening…by the way, she is first election official that I’ve ever seen – anywhere – with a nose piercing…

10:20 pm:another update from the Tribune…looks like Dona and Ed are in a fight to the finish! And on the City Commission side, it really looks like Mary and Bill are going to take it…but it ain’t over yet!

Mayoral race:
Dona Stebbins: 40.6%; 1,991 votes
Ed McKnight: 38.6%; 1,887 votes
Susan Kahn: 14.4%; 706 votes
Larry H. Steele: 6.1%; 300 votes

City Commission race:
Mary Jolley: 26.6%; 2,500 votes
Bill Bronson: 23%; 2,163 votes
Stuart Lewin: 17.5%; 1,639 votes
Diane Jovick-Kuntz: 17.1%; 1,612 votes
Elna Hensley: 10.7%; 1,008 votes

And wouldja believe that KRTV still doesn’t have any results posted?

11:37 pm:latest update from the Tribune, with results running about the same as earlier…

Mayoral race:
Dona Stebbins: 40.86%; 2,867
Ed McKnight: 38.44%; 2,697
Susan Kahn: 14.04%; 985 votes
Larry H. Steele: 6.48%; 455

City Commission race:
Mary Jolley: 26.32%; 3,561 votes
Bill Bronson: 22.03%; 2,981 votes
Diane Jovick-Kuntz: 17.94%; 2,427 votes
Stuart Lewin: 17.77%; 2,404 votes
Elna Hensley: 10.83%; 1,465 votes

ALSO: just learned that the final results likely won’t be released until about 1:00 am…and I’ve got to hit the hay…so hit the Trib site one more time before you toddle off to bed for the night and see if we have final results yet.



  1. Not a bad idea, AJ — maybe in the next election we can organize a “bloggers revolt” and stage a bloodless coup! GeeGuy as Mayor, and you, me, Firefly, and Aaron as City Commissioners! Heh…our first order of business will be city-wide WiFi!

  2. You vote for two commission candidates and one mayor candidates. So, in theory, there should be twice as many votes for commissioners as mayor.

  3. WhatKindofNameisDona? on

    What is wrong with this place?????? I’m disheartened that Dona Stebbins has been declared the unoffcial winner.

    I’ve only been in this backward-ass town a short time, but Her Honor seems like a joke. Who in their right mind elects a mayor without a college degree or equivalent professional experience? Apparently 4,100 of our fellow citzens. Radio ad sales doesn’t cut it, as far as I’m concerned. Tragic!

    Serious question: Do any of you wonder why GF is ranked so low in terms of population, development, socioeconomic status, and public perception? Are you shocked?

    And who the hell names their child Dona???? Another example of sheer idiocy.

    Dave, you should have run for Mayor.

  4. David; Thanks, but no thanks! I have enough volunteer jobs, thank you!

    Windfarmer; I think that vote count was low. I also think the blame for that can be placed squarely on the feet of our nose-pierced County Clerk and Recorder. Who wants to schlepp to the fairgrounds? For a city-only race, many people opted to just stay home.

    Anyone know what the term length for County Clerk and Recorder is?

  5. Regarding the HGS — yes, this was a disappointing election for many of us and does not bode well for the future of Great Falls. Some of these elected officials are preoccupied with the creation of jobs and power in Great Falls but losing sight of the long-term ramifications. There are so many native Montanans of the “boomer” generation seriously considering retirement here after careers elsewhere. Do they think that we will choose a city with a coal-fired generating plant? Of course not! We’ll be moving to Billings, Kalispell, Missoula and Bozeman. You will also notice that these same officials never get too involved with the public health factors of the coal plant or do they even know or care?
    Voter turnout was so low! Does Great Falls always have this poor of a response to elections?

  6. A little late to the party, Dave.

    Mayor? Nope. That’s way too many meetings for a couple hundred dollars a month!

    In fact, that’s why I try to respect Dona (and the others) even when I criticize them. They are volunteers and I think their hearts are usually in the right place. Mayor Stebbins, you may not like my criticism, but I always try to be fair. (Sometimes are harder than others) And, while I am critical, I still recognize that you are filling a thankless role.

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