Great Falls Election 2007

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Tomorrow is the big day – Great Falls residents will elect a new mayor and two new city commissioners. If you’d like to take one last look at the candidates before you head to the polls tomorrow, check out some of this action:

Courtesy of GeeGuy, here are video clips of the candidates from the blogger-sponsored debate. And everything you ever wanted to know about the coal plant.

Aaron has information about the candidates positions on police staffing issues.

Results of an informal poll: what is the biggest factor in this election?

Candidate Susan Kahn’s website; candidate Ed McKnight’s website. If any of the other candidates have an election website that they would like to publicize, please let me know.

Remember: if you plan to vote in Great Falls, you have to head over to Exhibition Hall at Montana Expo Park, which is now the consolidated voting location. Cascade County Clerk Rina Moore wrote an article in today’s Trib explaining the why and how, and also has information about bus service and some treats to make the wait a bit more enjoyable:

If you have trouble getting to Exhibition Hall, Great Falls Transit will be providing a “Voter Bus.” The bus will leave every 30 minutes from the transfer station at 326 1st Ave S. The ride to the hall and back will be provided free of charge.
The concession stand will be open and will be providing candy, doughnuts, coffee and pop from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and for those of you concerned about parking, more than 2,000 parking places are available.
My staff and I look forward to seeing everyone on Election Day, so please, stop in, exercise your right to vote, have a cup of coffee and a roll.

OK, now it’s up to you! If you’d like to tell everyone who you voted for – and why – leave a comment here. Happy Voting!


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