GeeGuy On The Move

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If you hadn’t already noticed, GeeGuy has made the switch (finally!) to his very own domain, so you can now visit him at Electric City Weblog! No more Blogspot* for him – hooray! And like all of the very best bloggers, he is now using WordPress on his own domain. Go say hi to GeeGuy, and congratulate him on making the move!

* not that Blogspot is horrible or anything…but among serious bloggers, it just doesn’t have the same level of “street cred” as owning and hosting your own domain.



  1. Well GOOD! Then Maybe you or Geeguy can help me! I moved Gfintheknow like a week ago and can’t figure out any of the advanced stuff. Like what are pages and you know. I like wordpress seems like a really nice place and it’s template customizable (with paid account) but theres a little more to learn. 🙂

  2. Well, I am poor and I have to use Blogger. If I had a server and a cold place to put it and fiber optic to multi T3, I would run my own domain. My government checks barely cover using a cable modem.

  3. Well, it really doesn’t make a whole lot of difference to the little guy when it comes to what platform they use for blogging.
    The fact is that they are out there, getting their point across, for the world to see.
    We humans are social creatures by default.
    So free or paid shouldn’t ever be an issue, because the net levels the playing field between the classes, and allows for some great yack-attacks to be had by all.

  4. I concur
    Money, or the lack of it, shouldn’t make a difference.
    The nettie gives us equal footing when it comes time to communicate.

    And besides, I happen to know plenty of mates that have got plenty of money, who use the nettie freebies everyday, blogging or otherwise. Could be why they’re so bloody rich.

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