Are You A Rotten Neighbor?

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Another new “mashup” site that incorporates Google maps: Rotten Neighbor. The premise is simple: rat out your neighbors if you think that they are rotten. Reasons can range from aesthetics to pets to trash to…well, probably anything. And yes, Great Falls does indeed have a few listings. Just type “Great Falls Montana” into the Search box, and the Rotten Neighbors of Great Falls will appear as small red houses – click on a red house to see why somebody posted it.

– Madera Drive: “They have three dogs that bark all day long none stop and they never tell them to stop. Then on top of that they move in there friends who just happend to have two dogs of there own and they bark which mean there is 5 dogs that bark…”
– 4600 4th Avenue North: “The managers will enter the apartment without your permission. They came in when I was taking a shower. What perverts.”
– Neard 2nd Avenue North and 45th Street: “The owner is not even allowed in the state. What does that say about him? Everything broke, leaked, smelled. It was even rumored that the neighbors had a meth lab and the swat team was hanging around one night for hours. Didn’t get a deposit back and I cleaned for hours.”

All three Great Falls entries were all posted by “anonymous,” which doesn’t exactly lend an air of credibility, but you can add Rotten Neighbor to your online toolbox (along with sites such as Zillow,, etc) that you can use to get a “feel” for a community.



  1. my neighbor’s at Autumn Run are rotten for many reasons. The entry on that site is about a place up the road from here. The owner has warrants and the trailers are in real bad shape. I don’t know who posted it but it’s all true. Looks like we will be living in Fort Benton by this weekend.

  2. I do like the fact that tenants are using it to say things about landlords, that has a huge reflection on the area you live in as well…Mine for example won’t fix anything, Then gets ticked when I take it out of the rent. Can’t wait to move! I really wanted to put an arrow to my whole block (thats owned by the same person and say simply) Don’t live here!

  3. I am a horrible neighbor.

    Just ask anyone who’s played their subwoofer too loud, or anyone that lets their dogs run free to poop in my yard, or anyone that has it in their head to swipe my tools or gas in the middle of the night… They’ll tell you that I’m probably the worst neighbor they’ve ever seen.

    I don’t have a whole lot of tolerance for those folks who seem to think that they, their dogs and their stereos, are the only ones living on this planet.

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