Where’s The WiFi?

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And speaking of WiFi…now that I’ve got my iPod Touch, I’m trying to figure out all of the places that I can use it. So far I’ve been able to connect with no problems at Morning Light and at Planet Earth, but wasn’t able to use the WiFi at JBs restaurant. So I’m putting out the call for help: what other locations in Great Falls have WiFi available?
Here’s a couple of pix of my iPod Touch in action!




  1. I think the last time I looked, Rikki’s had a sign that said they had wireless. I have used it at Big Sky Bagel, as well.

  2. He he when you consider that Carter is only about 4 blocks wide and 5 blocks long..I can see how it would be the whole town :). It’s an Adorable town though, I took my kids to carter ferry this summer..simply because I saw it on a map and never knew it existed..it was cool. BTW..I pick up wifi here at my house. It’s strong enough to interfere with my own wifi signal so I’m assuming… either dairy queen or maybe Bresnan across tenth from here. It also picks up in Lions Park?

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