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I’ve received some mild criticism of my criticism of the Tribune, so let me clarify: I don’t hate the Tribune. I don’t hate the people who work at the Tribune. I think they do a pretty good job covering our community. Could they do better? Probably. But they are people, not factory-produced news robots that are created solely to gather and report news. The several reporters that I’ve met and been interviewed by from the Trib have all been nice people, and they really do enjoy their work and take it seriously.

But regarding my entry below about the Trib’s posting of brief, canned candidate videos, compared to GeeGuy’s posting of entire chunks of our debate: darn it, the Trib DOES have more resources than me and GeeGuy. As I stated, the Trib has money, people, and technology at their disposal: they have dozens of people whose sole job is to gather and report news; they have money to spend solely on gathering and reporting news; and they have technology that is used to gather and report news. GeeGuy and I have…an internet connection, a cellphone, and a video camera. I’m not saying that what GeeGuy and I did is worthy of a Pulitzer, but seriously – if WE can do it, then surely the Trib can. Right?

Don’t get me wrong: I appreciate that the Trib did post some video and covered all three debates. But since the Trib is actually in the news business (“No other news media can deliver the local, communities news like we can.”), well…it just seems that they should be able to at least match the bloggers’ level of effort on something as important as municipal elections.

And I hope that my mild rant is taken as constructive criticism, not bashing. Seriously.



  1. That was nice. I would bash the tribune, I bought a sunday paper for as much as a medium to large market price but it was nothing but ads and very little content, just like their web site. I used to think the Las Vegas RJ ( was a bad paper, the tribune is worse.

  2. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! on

    Dave, don’t feel bad. The Fibune SUCKS! They been nuetered by the corporate bosses. And that’s too bad. The Fib used to be a wonderful newspaper not too long ago. But now it’s pathetic. If you really want some news, go to They still do a pretty good job compared to the Fib. I have canceled my Fib subscription numerous times in the past, and will probably do so again. And by the way, the blogs do a much better job at spreading the news than the Fib.

  3. I agree with Tony, The trib can be so one sided and slow and the lack of factual stories leaves one longing for a Steven King book, the whole mess is a horror! I’ve been posting my opinion at the trib for awhile now and then Bandit or Gordon suggested your site.

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