The Nightmare Before Christmas

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How many of you absolutely love Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas?” Yeah, I figured you did. What a classic! Jack, with his scary, sweet sincerity…pretty pining Sally…the befuddled Mayor…dreadful Oogie…and the incredible songs and visuals…there is no other movie like it.
And sure, you can watch it around Christmas time, but really — optimal viewing occurs during the week before Halloween (that’s now, people!). And here’s the really cool part: it’s been re-released to theatres…in 3-D!
I checked it out on Monday and was completely awed. Unlike some of the cheesier 3-D movies from decades past, this really popped — as magical as the movie is, it is even *more* so now! So if the weather is too cold/wet/snowy this weekend to enjoy the cornfield maze, do yourself and the kids a favor and see it!


It’s playing at our Marketplace multiplex, but if you don’t get there soon, you’ll have to wait until next year!



  1. Corpse Bride Aside, this is one of my all time favorite flicks! A bittersweet love story, A decadent Christmas tale, a wickedly funny Halloween flick, wrapped up with the most cutting edge characters of it’s time..How can you NOT love this movie. It’s hard to find but the soundtrack has also been rereleased with renditions by rock culture artists…And
    now we know why Tim Burton is a god!;}… Hehe Dave, your inner geek is totally showing with this one…But it’s not a BAD thing!

  2. Hah, Just the other night, my wife was humming a christmas tune softly. I asked her why she was thinking Christmas so soon. ‘Well, I don’t know any Halloween songs. . .’ I then started humming the “This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween” theme song, to which she quickly laughed and said ‘OK, you got me there, I *Do* know a Halloween song!”

    It’s one of our faveorites as well.

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