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Hutch has an entry in which he criticizes the service in local restaurants, citing three examples:

So far in my time here in Great Falls, I’ve been disappointed in the quality of service provided in local restaurants. I’m gonna mention three restaurants here. And when I say my piece, it’s still up to you to decide. Elmer’s, Jaker’s, and Sedgie’s… some of the worst service I’ve ever had.

I’ve been here for five years, and let me tell you: I have never received such friendly service anywhere as I have received in Great Falls. Period. In fact, several times during my first few months here, it almost felt like some sort of “Twilight Zone” where everybody is happy and polite and friendly. And I’m not just talking about restaurants, but any retail, service, or government establishment.

Of course, I have had a few less-than-stellar experiences, and I’ll admit that Jaker’s and Elmer’s are two of them (haven’t tried Sedgie’s yet). Not always, or even often, but a few times. Certainly not enough to keep me away.

But I’ll repeat: I have never received such friendly, courteous service as I do in Great Falls. That’s one of the reasons that I love Great Falls (and Montana) so much – friendly, honest people. Most of you know that I have lived in and traveled to many places, so I feel pretty confident in saying that.

So what do you think – does Great Falls rate better or worse on the “service scale,” in your opinion?



  1. Well I remember a few times of horrible horrible service from
    numerous places..

    The first worst, was from the now defunct Cattins, A friend, my sister and I went to cattins for after hours breakfast, I was served an egg with hair in it…human hair mind you! The waitress griped at me and swore it was an egg hair, The “guy”
    that was at our table finally persuaded her into returning the item for a new one.

    Second, 4B’s ..10 top (10 people) go to eat the waitress who we told we understand it takes awhile for all of us should she need to could focus on her other customers, She promptly got upset with us..None the less she was left a 40.00 tip! OH yes! But as we were leaving she was slamming stuff around and somehow managed to throw a chair (and miss) at us while calling us names.

    third. Jakers! they tend to be cordial, their staff is usually good, however, I’m not sure whats up with the cooks! there are 3 times, where I have had a bad cooking incident there, as well as my hubby being served Paper (from cheese slices) in his burger…LOL.

    It’s the R&R for me all the way these days, laid back (not in a bad way) servers, Great food and a perfect atmospher!

  2. I have been in a lot of resturants from Tucson to Nashville.
    The best service we ever had was in Pecos, Tx.
    The best meal was in an upscale place in vegas.
    The longest wait before any service…Great Falls.
    We had a waitress ignore us and the lady at the counter had to come take our order. We used to like Maria’s but I guess they don’t like us so we don’t go there anymore.

  3. Cooking has sort of gone downhill at Jakers over the past few years. I sort of quit going there last year as a result.

    R&R has good service overall, but the price with relation to serving size is sort of way out there.

    As far as taste?.. Of the food itself?.. I’ll say that Fuddruckers is the worst.

    I’m a meat and potatos kind of guy. Large servings for the least amount of money.

    Huge servings, great service, all for a minimal cost??.. It would have to be the ole Double Barrel … Not exactly screaming at the top of any food fashion trend, and certainly not located in the top end of town… but they fill you up with some great eats. You can have a nice building all fancied up, or, you can have great food… pick your poison… I’m in for the food.

  4. Gotta go with Hutch on this one…

    No local establishment has really impressed me in terms of food, EXCEPT for 5th St Diner (love the Sunday Special!) or El Comedor (SO close to Tex-Mex it makes me happy!)

    I don’t know where to begin in reference to the service industry here. It’s hard work so I hate to criticize anyone…No one has been really horrid to me, but no one in GF has blown me away! Anywhere. Ever.

    Dave, I am convinced that every person you have ever encountered in Great Falls must have been having their best day ever. IMO, the Great Falls experience is just not really great. ; )

    With that said, who watched Extreme Makeover: Home Edition tonight? TV Producers can sure spin it via editing, can’t they? How beautiful did they make Billings look tonight?

  5. I think that, in general, you get what you give. Dave probably encounters genuine, friendly, happy people because he’s a genuine, friendly, happy guy.

  6. JB’s has been the friendliest place I’ve been in a long time. Our waitress was great…even during the lunch rush.

    I try to be as nice as I can to people who serve me food because you know so many people take them for granted that it has to wear after awhile.

  7. Totally agree, ZenPanda (and GeeGuy). I am ALWAYS truly nice to everyone who works in the service industry because I genuinely respect what they do for a living. Whether it’s in a restaurant, bar, airport, Pro-Lube, or the mall, they work much harder than I do and I appreciate their effort. Cheers, y’all!

    p.s. What is an egg hair??????????

  8. I’m assuming…this is an assumption mind you 🙂 That it is when the egg thins on the edges and makes that crispy area…I’ve never seen one like that though! all nice silky and illustrious! LOL

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