Contest Results

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Water What fun! The photo contest generated some great pictures, good-natured rivalry, and plenty of votes and comments.

And now…the envelope please! The winner is “WATER” with 20 votes! The person who submitted that photo, Janna, has won the shiny iPod Shuffle. You know…this contest was so much fun, maybe we should have a monthly contest here at…any ideas for prizes or types of contests?

The rest of the balloting: eight votes for “FUN” – seven votes for “LIGHTS” – three votes for “BABY” – one vote for “SPRINGS” – and one vote (and one anti-vote!) for “SQUIRREL!”

Big thanks to everyone who submitted pictures, and to everyone who voted and commented! And FWIW: my favorite was “River Sun!”



  1. An “Anti-vote” for my squirrel 🙁 If they only knew how much time I put into that photo shoot, getting him to pose for his ‘senior picture’ 🙂 Oh well…………..

  2. LOL..Todd! I thought he was cute! And taking a senior portrait is easier then getting a squirrel with an additude on camera! I think you did a great job!. Thanks BTW to everyone who voted for my pic.. The contest was fun!

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