Debate Update (Monday)

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A reminder: the debate between the Mayoral and City Commission candidates will be held on Wednesday night…that’s just around the corner…will you be attending? It will only cost you $5 to attend, and there’s been a change in the rules: attendees will NOT have to purchase a $10 donation/vote. If you would like to support the candidate that you believe won the debate (or will better serve Great Falls than the others), then we encourage you to vote by purchasing a $10 “voting” ticket. The bottom line: $5 to attend the debate, and optional $10 to vote. I like to think of it as “putting your money where your candidate’s mouth is!”

By the way – any proceeds left over after the debate (above the rental costs of the Northwest Center and the sound system) will be donated to the CMR debate team, who are helping to organize and run this debate. I had the opportunity to meet with some of the students this afternoon (and their coach, Mr Cubbage), and was quite impressed. Debate students always give me hope for the next generation!

ALSO: Might be a blurb on the 5:30 news on KRTV about Wednesday’s debate; I spent a few minutes chatting about the debate with some of the students on the CMR debate team this afternoon, and one of the students and I were interviewed by Heath Heggem. Might also be aired on the 10:00 news later this evening.

UPDATE as of Tuesday morning (October 16):
Below are the Mayoral and City Commission candidates. Those who have accepted our invitation to Wednesday night’s debate are in green, those who have not yet accepted are in red. Larry Steele is purple because we think he will attend, but we’re not certain.

Mayoral Candidates: Susan Kahn, Ed McKnight, Dona Stebbins, Larry Steele

City Commission Candidates: Bill Bronson, Elna Hensley, Mary Jolley, Diane Jovick-Kuntz, Stuart Lewin, Michael Winters

Dona Stebbins e-mailed a few days ago to explain that she will be out of town when the debate is held, but as always she encouraged anyone who has questions to call her directly. I have not heard from Larry Steele, but one of his relatives indicated that he will participate in the debate.


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