1. I haven’t had any replies on My pay it forward either πŸ™ I am offering a free photo shoot with free digital delivered pictures for the first 3 to comment :)…C’mon guys David is offering a great gift with only the request you pay it forward with as little as Kindness…that can’t be too hard πŸ˜€

  2. Dave, can we submit a photo collage, or does it have to be one lonely little picture to get all the Greatness across?

  3. One of us have been so busy trying to work on that “little & oh so easy” project that You, Great Blog Master, started us on, that (after vaccuming up the pulled out hair & the tear stained kleenexes) there has been no time to even read your blog to see what is going on in the world. (very sad sigh)
    Will be calling you next week with pleas of blondness!!!
    Til then, I may try to figure out how to post a pic or two.
    Love ya!

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