iPod Shuffle Contest – Rules

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UPDATE, October 10: contest entries will be accepted until midnight on Sunday, October 14; entries will be posted on GreaterFalls.com on Monday, and then voting will begin!

OK, I’m taking the advice of “bloviator” and making the iPod Shuffle contest a photo finish! I hope this works…

If you want to win the iPod Shuffle, send me a picture of what makes Great Falls so great! I will accept photos in .jpg or .gif or .png format, in any size. All photos must be received by midnight on Friday (October 12). Send your photo to me at david @ greaterfalls.com. I will arrange and display all of the entries over the weekend, and let readers vote on their favorite image. Whichever photo receives the most votes will win, and the person who submitted the photo will get the shiny new iPod Shuffle seen here:

wanna win this ipod shuffle?

The photo that you submit must be YOUR photo – please don’t submit a picture that you swiped from someone else or from a website. And you must (duh) provide me with a valid e-mail address and your name (if you don’t want your name revealed on GreaterFalls.com for any reason, please provide a nickname).

So how does that sound?


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