Link Roundup, October 6

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Lots going on in the Great Falls blogosphere – let’s take a look. First, the voting is open in the “Big Sky Embarrassments” poll – right now, it looks like Great Falls native Ryan Leaf is leading, with the Freemen running close.
Next up is the situation with the animal shelter; Susan has some harsh words for just about everyone involved, and I agree that something just ain’t right.
And wouldja believe that there is another new GF blog? Go say hi to the Montana Eltings!
Josh Hutchins, the Yard Whisperer, offers some insight about the impact of the proposed coal plant on house values.
And speaking of houses – Janna has tips for increasing the “curb appeal” of your home.



  1. Thanks for the push. Check out the one titled “Here’s another reason why.” I did a bit of research. It was like stumbling upon an orgy… er, I mean a gold mine.

  2. Thanks for the mentions Dave! I will have some goodies for Photoshop CS (and above) users up before 8am.. Just a gift for stopping by! Hope they are useful and thanks again!

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