1. Now, now…Anyone who was signed by the Cowboys must have shown some promise. Okay, maybe he didn’t play well, but he made it to the NFL. Good for Ryan Leaf. His hometown should support him more.

    David, I like the new font.

  2. I’m not sure Ryan would have seen it that way, He still mocks the people of this town on his website. He is not a hometown proud person. Hopefully people really can change and I hope maybe one day he won’t be so bitter…but as of now..He is a very angry person and he was down right mean as a youth.

  3. It was a Myspace page. I was going to post a link but seemingly it has disappeared from the CMR alumni pages.
    How convenient, there are tons of wanna be’s on Myspace but he was the only Alumni that had participated in conversation
    on the boards, his posts are gone as well. I’ll keep looking and hand over a link when I find anything.
    You know though, K is right to an extent of we should be proud of him for making it to the big leagues, But the negativity that he wraps himself in really is not appealing, that is what I am saying more then anything…Anyway…still
    searching (again)

  4. Thank you for posting that firefly, That is a milder form of what his Myspace page looked like. It was entire page full of, SO and So ruined My career and I’m better then any QB that has ever existed I just had to quit because they were jealous..Etc etc. But the live journal, gives a mild rendition of that. I wish that I could find the Myspace page.

  5. I read the Live Journal and wondered if, perhaps, it was a joke? Or maybe someone else was really writing a la tonyhomo.com, written in the voice of Drew Beldsoe.

    Cool, I got in another Cowboys plug! Good times.

  6. I had wondered that myself about the Myspace account, when It was viable. But if that is the case the people doing it, went as far as making his high school classmates friends, speaking for him in Alumni pages and keeping very true and accurate to his schooling, education, and income. But it is very possible, as most of that info is easy to come by…but why would they waste their time?

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