Julie Klesh Leaves KFBB

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Janna over at GF In The Know reports that Julie Klesh has left KFBB. Too bad – I thought that Julie was a great addition to KFBB when she joined the team last year. And this comes just a few days after two other KFBB staffers departed, too. Hmmmm.

Julie, if you’re reading this, let us know what’s next – another media outlet, or public affairs for a community event, or representing a charitable organization…?



  1. Hi David,
    Yes, I left the ‘B, and most likely the world of daily news. I love news, and allowed myself to be lured back into it after leaving KRTV, but ultimately I don’t love it as much as I love my son. I just wasn’t able to balance the two as I had hoped, and so, I’m now looking for something in Communications or PR. I may be moving back to Minnesota, where my family is. For now, I’m still in Great Falls working on several projects and doing more cooking than I’ve ever done in my life! Not sure my son appreciates all the vegetables I’m making him consume, but he seems to like the ‘mom time’ we now have.

    Take care,
    Julie Klesh

  2. Thanks Jana… maybe we can get together while I’m still here and share veggie recipies?? Then our kids will really love us…

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