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Celebrate Blogtober!

Last year I launched “Blogtober” on my other site — an effort to promote blogging and the people who enjoy blogging. And how do we celebrate Blogtober? Try some of these ideas:

1. Create your own “Happy Blogtober” button or graphic for your site
2. Get one (or more!) of your buddies to become a blogger
3. Invite some guest bloggers to post
4. Spotlight a blogger that you admire, and explain why
5. Implement some nifty new blog-tool or plug-in
6. Give some pointers about blogging (writing, design, etc) so that new bloggers can better understand what it’s all about
7. Explain why you are a blogger: what it means to you, how it has affected your life, etc
8. If you’re not a blogger but have thought about creating a blog, now is the perfect time! If you need help, just let me know and I’ll walk you through it!

The important thing is to celebrate being a blogger and take pride in your hobby! All month long, I will be posting some of the things that I have learned about or while blogging, blogs that I particularly enjoy, what it means to be a blogger, and so on. And here’s some Blogtober stuff that I posted on my “Better Living Thru Blogging” site from last year!

So now it’s your turn – take part in Blogtober!



  1. Well, I’m posting this story on my blog and am encouraging people to become bloggers! I also prettied up a graphic/Banner to support my blog! Thanks for the wonderful invitation and Happy Blogtober to you!

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