Parking Meters

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What’s new in the world of downtown parking? Glad you asked! Got an e-mail from a downtown merchant with some news about a new type of parking meter:

In an ongoing effort to solve the neverending problem of parking meters downtown, The City of Great Falls Parking Commission and The BID are announcing the “unveiling” of the new free time parking meters.

* The meters will be here around the first of October and hopefully installed around the 5th.
* These are trial meters and will be installed on the 400 block of Central Avenue only. (both sides)

The button on the front of the meter can be pushed anytime the meter is between 0 and 20 minutes. The meter will then read 20 minutes without putting any money in the meter. If someone wants to park for longer than 20 minutes, they must push the button first to get the free 20 minutes, and then add coins up to one hour. These will be one hour meters, however, a car can park in the space for up to two hours. (they, of course would have to come back to the meter to add in more time) If someone puts coins in the meter first, they cannot push the button and get and additional 20 minutes free. To get the free time, the button must be pushed before any coins are inserted.

And here’s a glamour shot of the new parking meter:



  1. I think Maybe the falls should try the Seattle type meters. They are found in areas that have alot of parking areas (like parking lots and street parking) It is 1 individual meter that spits out a sticker for the selected time. I think it would cut costs of ordering numerous new meters. you can view a picture of one here.

    the city can also opt for one for a block (stickers applied to drivers window of car) or individual meters which are more like ours but a little more selective in options.

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