Nothing New

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Coming up on one year since my kerfuffle with the Great Falls Development Authority, and it saddens me to report that nothing has changed on the GFDA website. The link to “Quest” still appears on the GFDA site, and none of the things that I mentioned back in January have changed:

“It is still somewhat depressing, though, to see that not much else has changed at the site, such as the monthly newsletter section, with the most entry of April 2006 and all “recent” success stories dated 2005; or the Taxes and Incentives page, featuring data from 2005 and a link at the bottom to the Montana Dept of Revenue page that is broken.”

Sigh. Whatever happened to the excitement that the GFDA had back in June about updating the website?

UPDATE: received an e-mail from Brett Doney, the chairman of the GFDA, and he assured me that the new site is indeed being developed and will be up within a few weeks.



  1. WebShoppeSolutions has been working with more than a few local area business sites of late. So I’ll be throwing my hat into the ring here.

    I somehow had it in my head that Tim was going to be working his magic on this one.

  2. That’s the ploy. “Be an advocate for change, but don’t change too much.” Smoke and mirrors. You know, the hand is faster than the eye, while the cat’s away, the mice will play, and all that. They were busy ram-jamming the coal plant and needed a decoy.

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