The Pita Pit

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Now open for business on 10th Avenue South at 23rd Street: The Pita Pit! Stopped by yesterday and was reasonably impressed. Basically, it’s like a Subway, where you can “build” your own sandwich…only they use pita bread instead of regular bread. You pick your meat (roast beef, chicken, gyro, etc), and they grill it up, stuff it in a pita pocket, and then you tell them exactly what toppings you want to add (lettuce, black olives, cheeses, etc). Voila – it’s a pita! They even have breakfast pitas – cool. Open every day at 10:00 am (and open until three a.m. on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday!).

(click the pic for full size)

Pita Pit
2325 10th Avenue South
Great Falls, Montana
Phone (406) 761-7482



  1. I came into the restaurant today and
    only ordered a smoothie because I was
    in a hurry. My receipt showed the order
    was taken at 12:17 p.m., but I didn’t
    walk out of the restaurant until 12:35!
    I watched other customers receive their
    orders, eat and leave before I ever
    got my smoothie. I watched 3 different
    people work on it, walk away, work on
    it a little more then walk away again.
    When one of the employees finally
    finished it, I watched him dump the
    contents of the blender into what looked
    like a dirty cup. I would have said
    something, but my half hour lunch had
    already ended and I was late for work.
    Maybe you could streamline procedures
    so customers receive their orders in a
    more timely manner.

  2. When they first opened it seemed they were on their “A game” although service has always been slow…however their whole ship seems to be floundering as evidenced by my most recent experience.

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