A Girl’s Best Friend

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Our friend Allyson, owner of downtown Diamonds By Design, has posted a “Help Wanted” sign:

I have just found out that my employee of 4 years has decided to take a job else where. I am excited for her but not only was I looking for a part-time employee but now I am now looking for a full time person…if you know anybody who might be interested. my hours are greatt, you know what you are working months ahead of time, you get to play with sparkly stuff. The person needs no jewelry experience just out going and good work ethic. Tell them to call me, stop down or email me.

If you’re interested, give Allyson a call or e-mail: 761-2849 or diamondsbydesign AT qwest.net (and tell her Dave sent ya!).



  1. Okay just want you all to know the power of the blog. I did hire a gal for my full time postion… Not from the blog but from a another email. But I had a young woman come in yesterday for part-time work and three more today that all heard from the readers. Thank you everyone for your help I owe you guys one!

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