Great Montana Plates

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I love seeing customized “vanity” plates on Montana vehicles, so I finally created a blog to showcase them: Great Montana Plates! Some are funny, others are creative, and a few are just plain cryptic – but they are always fun to see and figure out!


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  1. About a year ago or so, I was walking west on 2nd Avenue North, two or three blocks east of the library, and I saw a big white Cadillac with Montana plates, “Blboosteh” (or, something very close to that) pass me by, also going west on 2nd Avenue North before turning left (to the south) onto one of the cross streets.

    This surprised the heck out of me and I took a double-take, then a triple-take, as “baleboosteh” is Yiddish for a woman who is a total Mistress of the house, who maintains a strictly kosher kitchen and whose house is always immaculately maintained and who is always ready to cook great food from scratch at a moment’s notice for unexpected guests.

    In Montana, no less. Who knew?

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