Six Years

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Today marks six years. Six years since the unthinkable happened. Yes, life has returned to “normal” in many ways, for most people, but what happened on 9/11 will never be forgotten, and indeed lives on every single day for the American military. Although Malmstrom does not have fighter jets or heavy bombers, the Airmen of Malmstrom are serving literally on the front lines around the world, as noted in a speech that I wrote four years ago. And today – September 11, 2007 – another team (RED HORSE) of Malmstrom Airmen is being deployed “over there” in support of the Global War on Terrorism. Keep them in your thoughts, and start thinking now about holiday “care packages” that you can send to them.


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  1. Come out this evening and join us for our annual 9-11 ride. We will leave Big Sky Harley at 6:30, ride down 10th Ave. S. to 6th St., up to Central West, to Smelter, then to the 10th St. bridge, then up River Drive to the Veterans Memorial where there will be a ceremony at 7:30. If you ride a motorcycle, join up with us at Big Sky – you don’t have to ride a Harley, any bike will do. If you don’t ride, come out and line the roads or come up to the memorial.

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