Googlers in Great Falls?

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According to this website, the GoogleJet, which carries Larry Page and Sergei Brin (the founders of Google), flew from Seville, Spain all the way to Great Falls, Montana sometime on Friday, en route to Mountain View (Google’s home).

True? False? Misinformation? Bad information? Wishful thinking?



  1. Not too sure about the big boys being here, but Giggle.., er….ruther… Google Maps has been around the area for the past few days with some of their fancy-pants GPS and other equipment.

  2. It’s very common for ‘big shots’ to stop through here because of our 24 hour customs office and the ease of getting in and out. Movie stars, etc., pass through here far more frequently than anyone knows.

  3. I think you are right about that GeeGuy.
    More famous faces pass through here than any other city in the state because of those very reasons you mentioned.

  4. No fan of google. They are not very fond of freedom loving people in china based on their censorship practices, all for a few CNY.

  5. I’m not a big fan of Giggle… er….ruther… Google, either.
    I still use Alta Vista for my primary search.

    All of the technology that Google has, was “purchased”, while all of Alta Vista’s technologies were written by, Alta Vista… (and yes, I know that Yahoo owns Alta Vista these days)

    If I wanted to buy a pair of brown shoes, Google would send me to some know nothing outfit in Australia, but Alta Vista would send me to Sears…

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