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If you’re fairly new to reading blogs and other frequently-updated websites – or a veteran blog-reader trying to read so many that you get bogged down – then you might want to consider using a “feed reader” such as Bloglines. It makes your daily surfing much more efficient and organized; it functions as sort of a mail box that displays only the freshest content from the websites that you specify. I’ve created (what I hope is) a simple tutorial over at Better Living Thru Blogging. Give it a shot!


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  1. THANKS for the info!!
    I just started using Google Reader & so far like it, but did not know the diff between an atom & an rss.
    I guess I am on a Google kick lately, because I downloaded Google notebook to save my favorite blog bits & pieces into with folders like ‘business’, ‘organizational ideas’ ‘recipes’ and ‘personal’. Then from the ‘Getting Things Done’ blogs I found out about igoogle & Google calendar. So felt I just had to have those tools also.
    I hope that the other Great Falls bloggers will perhaps share their secrets?!?!?!?! (hint, hint)
    Once again David, Thanks for all you do!
    Wet, cold & shaggy from the rained out garage sale in Vaughn (hoping for warm sun & lots of people on Sunday),
    P.s. I like reading most of the comments on the blogs…I just did not know how to get them!

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