Molly B Update

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I’m sure you remember Molly B, the runaway cow that garnered world-wide attention back in January 2006. Now the Trib has an update about Great Falls’ most famous bovine:

Now she’s got her own pen. She eats a bale of hay each day. And she’s got a horned buffalo pal that’s happy to scratch all the itches she can’t reach. And life for Molly is about to get even better. “She’ll be up downtown,” Morris said. “She’ll have a pen with indoors, an automatic waterer with a heater, and we’re going to tie into this pasture so she’ll be able to romp and play.” Morris plans to install a light in the barn, and he figures a chandelier would be the most fitting. He plans to hook Molly up with a boyfriend, too.

Good for Molly! ALSO: don’t forget to enjoy the way-cool picture that Trib pix expert Robin Loznak snapped on the day that Molly made her break for freedom!


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