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Time for another edition of Small Town, Long Streets, the weekly podcast/talk radio show from Craig over at The show is live on Wednesday (September 5) at 9:00 (Montana time!). This week’s guest is our very own Gregg Smith, aka “Gee Guy,” of Electric City Weblog. Most of you know that he has been trying for months to get some straight talk from the City of Great Falls regarding the controversial Highwood Generating Station (coal plant) – both financial and management. He also has generated quite a bit of interest in our upcoming mayoral election, posing questions for candidates and posting their responses on his site.

The show begins at 9:00 p.m. MDT, and you can listen live from the Blog Talk Radio site. You can call in to the show to talk to Craig and Greg, or try instant messaging or e-mail to pose questions or comments:

Phone: (718) 664-9769
Yahoo! IM: mtppodcast
Email: [email protected]



  1. GSG–

    Thanks for the info. BTR has been in beta and they’ve been promising an upgrade all summer. Many folks are opting for other formats, and I’ve been considering it myself.

  2. Weeks ago, I could click on the link and my trusty-handy-dandy Winamp player would carry the stream…. but .ASX is exclusive only to Windows Media, so Winamp won’t stream the show anymore…
    Actually, .ASX is usually better known as the extension .SUX… at least around these parts anyhow.

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