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The Trib ran a splashy request to have people submit applications for an unnamed Fortune 500 company that may – or may not – open an office in Great Falls. The reasoning is that the flood of applicants will demonstrate to the company that we have the manpower, skills, and desire to accommodate their needs. There is quite a lively discussion on the Trib forum about this, with pro-GF and anti-GF people lining up to tell us why this is or is not a potential good thing for our community.
(pay particular attnention to the poster named “redneck hippie” – quite possibly the poster child for comment moderation, and a perfect example of why many people – like me – rarely visit Forums)

And the folks over at Pulse Great Falls echo the Trib’s request for people to apply; I received the following e-mail from Heather, the membership director:

The Great Falls Development Authority has asked me to forward the message below and the attached flyer. One of the reasons I agreed to do this is because one of Pulse’s goals is to help recruit and retain young people in Great Falls. It would be wonderful if a new company decided to relocate to our city. So, please read the information below and even if you aren’t interested, pass it on to your friends or family. You never know who might be looking for a new job.

I’m all in favor of this unnamed company coming to Great Falls, but I’m a bit grumpy that the GFDA won’t tell us the name of the company – this is the year 2007, isn’t it? you know, information wants to be free? – but if the company asked for anonymity, well, then, I suppose that I have to respect that the GFDA is just honoring that request. But seriously – can anyone give me one good reason for such secrecy?



  1. I think things like this happen all over the country. I’ve never heard of applying for a job without knowing what type of company it is. I’d be a little hesitant giving out personal info like that but you guys in GF are better suited to gauge the risk.

    In my town, they announce things like “A big box type store is coming to Sumter”. Really no other information connected to the story. Then finally they announce the who, where and whats plus some other details. While I try to keep my tin-foil hat in the closet, I can’t help to think that there is a little underhandedness taking place between the city/county representatives and the good old boy network. You know things like Mayor to Real Estate Developer Friend…”You should buy that plot of land because X-Store will be building a new store there and the price of land should skyrocket in a few months”. The potential for corruption for is greatly reduced when it’s all hanging in front of the publics eye.

    Just my two cents…

  2. Well done, B2! Sure looks like it’s GE. And if our competitor is indeed Billings…well, call me biased, but there is no way that “The Magic City” can compare to Great(er) Falls!

  3. Though I cannot confirm who the company in question is or if Billings is the other city in contention, I can tell you that this is an amazing opportunity for Great Falls. These jobs are high paying, with great benefits, and for a company that is consistently ranked as a top employer by independent publications. They treat their employees well and are good for the community. This is truly a time that Great Falls can pull together and get the word out that we need this business to stimulate economic growth and raise the wage base. We have an opportunity to do great things here and I would encourage everyone to support this growth.

    The company in question has requested that we respect their annonymity, and though I know it seems silly, it truly is for the best all around. Hopefully we will successfully recruit this business and be able to reveal the information soon!

    If you have any interest, please go to or contact me at the GFDA.

    Thank you!
    Amy VanSickle
    Great Falls Development Authority
    [email protected]

  4. As a young person who will be soon returning to Great Falls, I am incredibly excited to hear that there is positive growth occuring in our fine city. Reguardless of this company’s final decision, this potential business has ignited a discussion amongst our friends and neighbors as what type of community we want for our future. This type of introspection provides us an opportunity to collectively guage our commitment to economic vitality and its potential to carry Great Falls into the prosperous future many of us envision. I encourage us all to continue this conversation over the comming months and weeks, as the best way for us to move forward as a community will be through the lively perspectives of all our citizens.

  5. Well at least they are giving the good folks of our fair community a chance to apply for any said positions…
    Back in the old days, companies would move into an area and bring up to 60 percent of the workforce with them, leaving most local folks out of the mix altogether.

    And nevermind that this new company might get a generous tax break from the city/county…. employee paychecks will get spent here and that can speak volumes for our local economy.

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