Snow In August (?!)

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When I arrived here in the summer of 2002, my neighbor told me that it snowed in August back in the early 90s. I was skeptical, knowing how people seem to remember things a bit differently through the years, but sure enough: according to Wunderground, Great Falls received nearly two inches of snow on August 22, 1992! And the next day – August 23, 1992 – Great Falls got another six inches of snow!

Wow…more than eight inches of snow in August! I know that’s not likely to happen again soon, so I’ll settle for the crisp mornings that we’ve enjoyed the last couple of days, and hope for snow in mid-to-late September.

So – how many of you remember those two days back in August 1992?



  1. I remember it! I think my sister and I were actually about to attend a dodgers game or something like that..and the temp started to drop and just kept dropping. We nixed on the game and started walking home…By the time we got to the door it was snowing…I had been in Montana for 3 years at the time (from L.A) so I was astounded!

  2. I guess that’s one thing I don’t miss about Great Falls. Since my parents moved us off to seattle fifteen years ago, I haven’t had to shovel an inch of rain. The snow only lasts a couple of days and there is no reason to go anywhere because the whole city is shut down.

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