Lights Out!

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Sitting at Morning Light Coffee early this afternoon, enjoying a bagel and coffee, and suddenly it was dark…all of the power went out! Took a look next door at Printing Center USA, and they were dark, too – and the traffic light at 9th Street at 2nd Avenue North was on the fritz, too, (but the signal at Central Avenue was working fine). Anyone know what happened?


  1. Do not know why there was a localized power failure centered on 9th Street North and 3rd Avenue North, but this was the 4th or so time it has happened in the last 5 or 6 weeks.

    Meanwhile, did you notice the activity at the intersection of 9th Street North and 4th Avenue North?

    It seems the city has been erasing the recently painted parking lane white lines (paid for by “free” money from the federal gov’t) on 9th Street North to the immediate north and south of 4th Avenue North, and according to a member of the work crew, the city will be installing a traffic island in the middle of 9th Street North on either side of 4th Avenue North. It was explained to me, people were having difficulty crossing 9th Street North at 4th Avenue North because of traffic flow (even though there is one of the conditional yellowish-green STOP if pedestrian in cross-walk signs at the intersection) and the previous parking lane will now be needed as a driving lane.

    I just can’t wait until winter to see how this works out!

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