EVDO in Great Falls?

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Fired up my cell phone this morning to check my e-mail, and in my barely-awake, pre-coffee state I sorta noticed that my GMail came up pretty quickly. Then this evening – when I was indeed fully awake – I decided to check my mail again, and this time I noticed a small box with the letters “EV” in my top menu bar on my cell phone. WHOA. “EV” means EVDO, which is the high-speed service from Verizon, and which I thought wasn’t scheduled to arrive in Great Falls until later this year. Other Montana communities already have it, but just the other day the gals at our local VZW store said that we weren’t due until November or December. But much to my delight, as I surfed mail and blogs this evening, it was way faster than usual — easily twice as fast as normal. Wheeeee! I love technology!



  1. I actually talked to Verizon about this. They are still in the testing phase right now so it may pop in an out and be spotty depending on what part of town you are in.

    They said that the official launch is September 15th, I believe.

    So yes, it’s here to stay.

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