Menu Errors Contest

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Noticed a typo on the menu at Dimitris last night, and also a typo on the menu at Borrie’s this evening. Here’s the clues: the Dimitris error is a small word – only four letters. The Borrie’s error is a compound word.

If you can find either one (or both!) and are the first one to comment here (or e-mail me) pointing out the error(s), you’ll win a coveted “” goodie of your choice!
NOTE: finding these two typo errors in no way means that I did not LOVE my meals at each restaurant! Trust me – you can’t go wrong with either place!


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  1. Abigail with the Gravy Pipe on

    What cruel joke is this? Finding mistakes and picking apart other people’s work (and withholding approval, especially from small children) are my hobbies… And here you dangle before me a specific opportunity to find fault with some poor gypsy and I cannot make avail of it. Damn my being in California!

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