Big Sky Bagel

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Stopped by Big Sky Bagel for lunch the other day and was shocked to find out that they were OUT OF BAGELS.

That would be like going to McDonald’s and being told that they were out of burgers, or KFC running out of chicken!

UPDATE: yep, as Mark noted in the comments, the McDonald’s on 10th Avenue South has been demolished – read a few months ago in the Trib that the owner was going to tear it down and build a brand-new one on the same spot, but the new one will be much more “user friendly!”



  1. Mark- The McDonald’s on 10th was scheduled for an “upgrade” starting this month. (Trib had an article a few months back) I was surprised at how fast they ripped the old one down!

  2. I understand tearing the old McDonald’s down to make way for a new one. However wouldn’t it have been nice of the owners to have donated all of the old toy-land equipment & any usable benches, other equipment, etc to one of the local parks or non-profits instead of the local landfill? Recycle & reuse??? Just my humble opinion…..

  3. That crossed my mind, too, ReAnn…maybe there were legal issues with that, and McD was worried about liability if some kids got hurt while using old donated playground equipment?

  4. I went to burger king one time and was told they were out of burgers? I just sat there with my mouth open like, excuse me did you really just say that? The clerk just smiled like…move on lady..As if he had to go back to making his non existant burgers…I just don’t understand.

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