Recent Restaurants

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Mini-reviews of some recent dining experiences:

Rikki’s: parmesan flatbread is always heavenly – can eat an entire plate of this stuff; cheesy ziti is excellent; service was fine.
3D International: mmmmm…meat! beef, pork, lamb…how can you go wrong? service was great.
Fuddrucker’s: can’t go wrong with a burger, especially the “three-cheese” kind; service not really an issue at a place like this.
Park-n-Ponder: scenery as good as the food; friendly, relaxing, as always.
McKenzie River Pizza: fenceposts (with pepperoni and cheese) are delicious, thin pizza is awesome; service was excellent.
Flying J: all-u-can-eat breakfast buffet on Sunday – hooray! After starting with an appetizer of bacon, you can go back for more bacon to eat with your main breakfast entree, and then even more once they bring out the dessert bacon! (thx to Jason for coining the phrase “dessert bacon!”)
Ryan’s Station: good overall, service was fair; didn’t try the asparagus pizza (duh), but have it on good authority that it is delicious.
Fiesta en Jalisco: Best Mexican restaurant in town. ‘Nuff said.


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