Love At First Sight

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July 24, 2002, approximately 5:45 pm: I arrived in Great Falls, Montana, and knew almost immediately that I had finally – finally – found my home. Checked into the Crystal Inn up by the airport, and then ate dinner at the Applemill Grill, which is now the location of Fiesta en Jalisco. In celebration of my five-year anniversary, I will be dining at Fiesta tonight.

Thank you, Great Falls
– the place and the people – for changing my life and giving me a home. I hope that you all know how much this place means to me.



  1. Inn by the airport??? I lived on the hill for a long time and when I left in 1989 at 11 years old, the only thing by the airport was the “Pop Shop.” That place was great! I think the soda’s were .35 at the time. Oh, and a friend and I got in trouble by the sheriff for starting a grass fire with his ATV right across the street from the Pop Shop. Those were the days. Anybody have any pictures of good Ole Franklin Elementary, or West Elem. that they could send me?

  2. We did the same thing this year, April 2007. My husband and I were looking for a place to belong. We had lived in many towns over the years then found Great Falls while searching the web. Seems like within minutes of arriving here we felt like it was home, looked at only one cute little old house, with birds on the clothes line, that embraced us and said “I need you”, bought it and moved in 30 days later. People thought we were crazy but it was home, the town, the Great Falls people, the whole area. We never want to move again. Thank you.

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