Pix Around Town

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Just a quick check on some pix in the GreaterFalls.com Flickr Photos pages. You can also check out the Sets, or see them all laid out on a Map.
Click any pic to see it full size!

Crash! | From Atop The Hill | Ribbon In The Sky | Milwaukee Station Tower
Passerby on River Drive | Traffic Jam | Almost Live! | Checking It Twice...


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  1. Great shots David!

    What camera are you using? I may have missed your description of it before, but I was just curious, those are some fantastic shots. The sky in the Milwaukee Station shot is incredible…did you adjust some settings to get that result, or was it just the camera doing its thing? Obviously, my photographic expertise is somewhere around the first grade level, but I’m always impressed with what these digital cameras can do now, if I could only figure out how to take advantage of their capabilities! Anyway, hope all is well with you, and thanks for the pictures!

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