“No, I Mentioned The Bisque…”

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During one of my routine Google searches for “Great Falls Montana” I found a blog entry from 2004 written by Blackjack over at The Hole Card, in which the author positively raves about the lobster bisque at Great Falls’ very own Park-n-Ponder.

You can’t go wrong in a restaurant like this — great food, friendly staff, etc… But the soups, man, the soups are just out of this world. However, even I was skeptical when I ordered the lobster bisque. I mean, this is a soup that I’ve had all over the world. How in the hell is this little podunk Montana place going to handle it? Handle it? Hell, they managed to serve up the best I’ve ever had, and it wasn’t even close.

Wow. High praise indeed! Me, I’d never tried lobster bisque, but as luck would have it, on Friday I enjoyed lunch at the Park-n-Ponder with Krista, and she was focused on only one thing: the lobster bisque. She had told me earlier that morning told me that her favorite food – ever – is the lobster bisque at the Park-n-Ponder, and they only served it on Fridays, so off we went. She let me sample it – and it wasn’t too bad, but then I had nothing to compare it to. So I’ll take the word of Blackjack and Krista – if you love lobster bisque, looks like you’ve got to get down to the Park-n-Ponder.

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